Gluten Free and Diabetic Friendly Sweets for you too!

***SWEETS4U2 is now offering 6" Layer Cakes- After receiving many requests we will offer small cakes to help people who need a special diet dessert but only for a few people.  6" 2 layer cake will feed 4-6 people. This only for a limited time to test the response. If we receive enough requests we will continue offering small cakes. Thanks Jackie

 I wanted to create SWEETS  that remind you of the sweets you had when you where able to eat what ever you wanted to. I believe that everyone deserves having a special cake or dessert for their special day.  Founded by Jacqueline Moore, who wanted to create a business that would cater to people with special dietary needs, but using healthier ingredients and made fresh to order. I founded Sweets4U2 in 2006 , baking for diabetics and sugar abstainers. 

We offer, Diabetic Friendly Gluten Free that are no-added Cane Sugar sweets made with Natural Sugar Substitutes and Low Carb flours such as Almond Flour,Sorghum Flour,Coconut flour etc.

Our sweets are made without White Flour and White Sugar !!

SWEETS4U2 is where you will find desserts perfectly prepared according to YOUR dietary needs. My specialty is providing Delicious diet conscious desserts in my gluten free kitchen,  I pride myself on making your special cake everything you desire. I believe everyone deserves a special cake, on their special day and will make Your cake Uniquely Yours.

What makes SWEETS4U2 different ?

I use quality ingredients that are healthier and better for you than most bakers because I want to provide a quality product not the cheapest product. Most Gluten Free bakers concentrate on Rice Flour or Cornstarch as the dominate flour. Diabetic baked goods are usually made with WHITE flour and a bunch of chemicals.


SWEETS4U2 uses Almond Flour in ALL of its formulations. Almond flour is nutrient rich and contains Good For You fats.

My DIABETIC FRIENDLY  are sweets prepared with Almond flour as the dominant flour because it is a Low Carbohydrate flour. We use sorghum flour and high fiber flours such as Oat fiber and Hi-Maize.  Our sweeteners include Erythritol (made from melons & mushrooms) , xylitol (Birch sugar),Stevia and Coconut Palm Sugar.

Diabetic Friendly, Gluten free  Coconut Lover's Layer Cake

Diabetic Friendly, Gluten free

 Coconut Lover's Layer Cake